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History | Anil Tannery

Three Generation of Experience

ANIL TANNERY has been carrying on a tradition of family-run business since 1950s.

In 1955, our Grandfather laid business foundation of Kanay family, which makes its name in raw hide and meat commerce.

Beginning with 1970, as Kanay family, we were the top raw material company in Turkey for lamb and sheepskins.

We set an example for a lot of entrepreneurs and the leadership position had continued for 25 years.

At the end of 1990s, Ahmet Kanay, who is one of the second generation members of Kanay family, has handled raw hide and meat commerce actively for many years, started leather production and built up the first tannery in Usak City of Turkey, for lamb hides to contribute to Turkish leather industry.

1995 to 2005, our capacity is more than 5.000.000 square feet per year; we were one of the top Turkish tanneries for lambskin.

In 2006, when the third generation participated actively in the company, the second production facility over bovine leather was founded in Istanbul.

In 2015, we colligated lamb and bovine skin production together in our Uşak Tannery by building up an additional factory by accomplishing production line restyling investments.

Today, more than 60 people employed in 15.000 square meter closed area, our company, which is always remembered with integrity principle and innovative leather quality, become one of the most significant producers in the leather industry.

We’re the third generation, who grows up with our family’s non-stop research and experimental leather passion based on quality, sustainability and innovation with the lights of future trends in technical infrastructure.

Our purpose is to exceed the expectations of our strategic targets in the world leather industry with respect to our continuously innovative approach and philosophy of integrated production quality.

Anil Tannery’s elements that constitute our DNA in leather production for garments, footwear and bags are innovative designs which could influenced the fashion industry with the manner of classical aesthetics, artisan naturalness, perfection research and sustainability.